Dangers of Tree Service Denham Springs You Might Not Know About

tree service denham springs
What to Expect During Your Tree Service Denham Springs
January 4, 2018
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Tree Service Denham Springs

Tree Service Denham Springs

Dangers of Tree Service Denham Springs You Might Not Know About

Arbor Tech Tree Service Inc. Focuses on Safety First and Foremost


When you need tree trimming, ongoing maintenance or dangerous tree removal in Denham Springs, LA, you want to be sure you go with a provider that doesn’t cut corners on safety. As the tree service Denham Springs relies on whenever disaster strikes and trees need to be removed, Arbor Tech Tree Service delivers safe, thorough, and professional results.

There are many causes of a hazardous tree removal scenario. Trees can die. Lightning can strike. Trees can become electrified by overhanging wires. Storms can weaken ground soil and cause trees to fall.

No matter what the cause, Denham Springs, LA homeowners just want the dangerous tree removal job done fast.

When there is a tree threatening your family or property, you don’t want to compound the problem by choosing a company that skimps on the most important parts of the tree removal process.

Taking Shortcuts

Too many tree removal companies end up renting cranes and subcontracting out the work to tree climbers and other workers who are not company employees. You want to ask any potential tree services professional if any of the people working on your job are contractors.

Free-lance climbers and independent arborists are paid by the job, not by the week. For those workers, the emphasis is on speed, getting the job done quickly so they can move on to the next paycheck.

When speed is the primary focus, accidents happen. Climbers are highly skilled and compensated well, so many companies do not keep them on staff. Not at Arbor Tech. Our full-time tree surgeons and crane operations are part of our year-round staff.

Our teams see jobs through from start to finish and work with our customer’s year in and year out. We focus our employees on getting the job done properly and safely. That is our primary purpose – serving our customers, whether it’s a one-time dangerous tree removal or regularly scheduled tree trimming.

Invested in Success

Here’s another reason Arbor Tech is the tree service Denham Springs has used for years. Our full-time employees have the technical skills, newest equipment, and ongoing training and experience that other companies lack.

Our team approach to trimming and removal set us apart from other companies. The crane operators and tree climbers work together every day. Their commitment to our customers and our company’s success is what makes us special.

We also encourage our employees to compromise on safety or quality, ever. Their compensation is not tied to how quickly they finish a job. Instead, we encourage patience and protocol to make sure the job is done properly, no matter how long it takes. For each tree removal, our teams develop a plan, discuss it and ensure that everyone is on the same page to make sure you’re protected.

We’re a fully licensed and insured company that has been in business for nearly 25 years. For your tree removal needs, use the company that focuses on safety – Arbor Tech.