Arbor Tech Tree Service Inc provides a variety of tree service to residents. Learn more about what services we offer and what's involved.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal is the most dangerous aspect of tree service. Trust our experienced tree removal experts to cut down any dead, dangerous, or unwanted trees at your home. By using cranes, our tree workers safely remove trees in confined spaces, near homes, near utility lines and in urban areas.

Dying, damaged or rotting trees can become dangerous and therefore require removal. While we never like to get rid of a tree, sometimes it becomes necessary. At Arbor Tech Tree Service, we remove trees in a safe and efficient manner, utilizing the proper equipment for safety and cost efficiency.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is necessary for maintaining the health, beauty and safety of the trees on your property. Through proper and regular tree trimming, Arbor Tech can get rid of branches that might cause danger to people or structures surrounding the tree. Our tree trimming maintenance also keeps your trees looking beautiful and clean. Tree trimming consists of branch trimming, tree pruning, crown reduction, natural shaping and tree removal.

Debris Hauling

Arbor Tech is committed to providing our customers with honest, reliable, convenient and environmentally protective services. Our full-service tree service therefore includes landscape debris hauling to remove all tree debris, grass clippings, leaves and branches from properties.

Our landscape debris hauling services are available for one-time cleanups or on a regular pick up schedule.

Stump Grinding

Tree Removal typically leaves a stump behind at ground level. Safe stump grinding and stump removal requires special equipment and expertise. Because Arbor Tech is a full-service tree service company, we provide tree removal as well as stump removal or stump grinding, creating convenience for our customers.

Stumps that are left behind can be an unsightly blemish on your otherwise pristine property. With our expertise and specialized machinery, we can ensure that your tree stump will be removed properly. Our method of stump grinding is the most efficient technique to destroy a tree stump, leaving your property ready for the next stage of growth and replanting.

Additional Services

Arbor Tech Tree Service Inc. offers a variety of services aside from tree removal and tree trimming. We also offer:

• Commercial Lawn Maintenance

• Crown Lifting

• Crown Reduction

• Crown Thinning

• Dead Wooding

• Forestry Mowing

• Lightning Protection Systems

• Small House Demolition

• Specialty Crane Rentals

• Take Downs

• Tree Cabling

• Tree Fertilization

• Tree Mulching Services

• Tree Preservation