What to Expect During Your Tree Service Denham Springs

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December 13, 2017
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February 7, 2018
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What to Expect During Your Tree Service Denham Springs

A Close Look At How Arbor Tech Tree Service Cares for Your Trees


Whether it’s for emergency work or regular maintenance, the teams at Arbor Tech Tree Service provide thorough and careful tree service Denham Springs customers expect. When you need tree removal in Denham Springs, LA, our tree service company is there to make sure the job is done with safety in mind.

For regular tree visit appointments, our professionals will first meet with the homeowner or property manager to make sure any concerns are addressed. Next, the tree specialist will inspect all the trees on the property. These inspections look for any signs of damage to the limbs, branches, and trunks of your trees, including insect and disease damage.

Any limbs that need to be removed will be carefully taken off the tree and disposed of. Next, the team will inspect the full canopy of your trees to make sure there are no branches that are impeding utility lines or overhanging property or walkways in a dangerous way. If so, these sections will be pruned or removed.

Finally, a broad pruning will be done to keep the canopy healthy and growing in the right direction.

After completing the maintenance service, we will make sure that all debris is removed from your property.

Emergency Tree Service: Removal

Sometimes, natural conditions or age or disease place a tree or its branches in a precarious position. In these times, it makes sense to contact a Denham Springs, LA tree removal company to be sure your problem trees are addressed quickly.

At Arbor Tech tree service Denham Springs, we work with local utilities and law enforcement to make sure that your property can be accessed and serviced promptly.

Whether it’s routine tree removal or emergency tree removal, we develop a plan that includes our climbers, riggers, equipment operators and safety experts. Our plan always focuses on ensuring that property and people are protected and that no further damage is done to your home and belongings.

Next, we will position our cranes, bucket trucks, and other necessary heavy equipment on site to ensure our crews are protected. At Arbor Tech, we ensure that our teams have the proper training, tools, and experience to work on trees on your property.

We will usually remove the tree in sections to ensure that we are only moving smaller, lighter pieces of the tree at once. This is a methodical process that involves the use of chainsaws and other equipment to keep removal manageable.

We want to be sure that all damaged and diseased sections of the tree are thoroughly removed. We also make sure to clean up the property, removing limbs and leaves.

We also provide optional stump removal processes, which mark and grind the stump, removing an unsightly and potentially dangerous hazard from your yard.

When it comes to tree service Denham Springs residents have relied on Arbor Tech since 1994. For more than 20 years, we’ve been the tree service company residents trust for emergency tree removal and tree maintenance. We also service clients in Port Allen, Brusly, Livingston, Walker, Watson, Plaquemine, Zachary, Baker, Pride, Addis, French Settlement, and Scotlandville.