Tree Service Prairieville LA Isn’t a Dangerous Job with Arbor Tech Tree Service

tree service prairieville la
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September 8, 2017
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December 13, 2017
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tree service prairieville la

tree service prairieville la

Tree Service Isn’t a Dangerous Job with Arbor Tech Tree Service

A Safety-First Approach Ensures People and Property Are Protected


When storms hit Prairieville LA, our beautiful native trees can become weakened or damaged. This damage may not be evident right away, but over time, repeated attacks by harsh winds and rains can destabilize root systems, trunks, and branches. In such cases, even a light wind can result in toppled trees that require qualified tree service Prarieville LA. With Arbor Tech, you can be confident that big tree removal and cleanup will be handled carefully and professionally. Using the right equipment and well-trained and experienced professionals, we take the danger out of dangerous tree removal.

What is it about our tree service Prairieville LA that makes a difference for homeowners and property managers? Here are a few of the key reasons to call us for your big tree removal needs:

  • Jobs Done Right. If you need to have a tree removed from your property, you can be confident the job will be done properly. We focus on safety as our top priority. We work with local utility companies to ensure that trees are ready to be removed. Using cranes, rigging, and the proper tools, we assess each situation and develop a plan to carefully remove trees from cars, homes, and yards. We work methodically to ensure the safety of people and property at each step in the process.
  • Experienced Team. Owner Joseph Wilson has been in the tree service Prairieville LA business for 27 years. He learned to climb and rig from his father and has brought that level of experience to his own employees.
  • Complete Tree Care. We want to be your choice for more than just dangerous tree removal jobs. With our maintenance programs, you can be confident your trees remain healthy and strong for years. We offer tree trimming services that not only neaten up your trees’ canopies but also keep branches and root systems strong. These tree services allow us to inspect the trees to ensure that there are no weakened or diseased limbs that need to be removed. Pruning promotes healthy tree growth. We can also do natural shaping and crown reduction to keep your trees clean looking.
  • Comprehensive Licensing. Our team of arborists, landscape horticulturists and technicians is fully licensed by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry. Our employees are fully covered with the proper insurance, including workers’ compensation. We proudly display our licenses on our website.
  • Commitment to Training. We believe strongly in continuing education and training to ensure that our teams are aware of new techniques, safety procedures, equipment and best practices.
  • Other Services. Our arborists will make sure your property is safe and sound. In addition to tree removal services, we also offer stump removal to avoid hazards and dispose of unsightly remnants of removed trees. We will also haul away debris related to our services, including tree limbs, trunk pieces, and stumps we remove. We offer landscape debris hauling on a one-time and ongoing basis.

With Arbor Tech, your tree removal is handled by professionals who know how to do the job and keep you safe. Contact the professionals at Arbor Tech Tree Service today to discuss your big tree removal, dangerous tree removal, and other tree service Prairieville LA needs.