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Tree Removal Prairieville LA
July 7, 2017
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September 8, 2017
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5 Things You Need to Know About Dangerous Tree Removal

Trust Arbor Tech Tree Service to Keep You and Your Property Safe

During tree removal work, the risks of damage to people and property are great. That’s why many Prairieville LA customers count on Arbor Tech Tree Service for dangerous tree removal jobs. When you need reliable, safe, experienced tree service professionals, you can count on our teams to make sure that work is done carefully and thoroughly.

Much goes into understanding the complexities of tree removal. Our teams of highly trained workers learn about tree biology and physics. They learn how to use complex machines and tools that are necessary to protect property during a dangerous tree removal. Finally, they go through extensive training to learn the concepts, techniques and best practices in tree cutting.

Prairieville LA homeowners who see a tree that is damaged, fallen or diseased should contact a professional tree service to have it removed. Doing so ensures that the tree will be disposed of properly and that all appropriate safety precautions will be used.

Here are 5 things you need to know about dangerous tree removal.

  1. Power Lines Are a Concern

Working near a power line is dangerous, even more so if the power line is still live. Workers need to be aware of where power lines are and whether they are still receiving electricity. We work closely with local utility companies to ensure that power lines are inactive before working on tree removal on your property.

  1. Special Equipment Is Often Needed

In order to remove a tree on your property, professionals often need to use specialized equipment, including:

  • Rigging such as slings, pulleys, cable hoists, cable, friction brakes, and harnesses. Our staff members spend considerable time learning how to use rigging before going out on a job.
  • Protective gear such as hard hats, work gloves, and protective goggles.
  • Cutting equipment including axes, chainsaws, hand saws, hatchets, pole saws and pruners
  • Heavy equipment such as cranes, bucket trucks, and wood chippers.
  1. We Respect Gravity

When a tree starts to fall, there’s little that can be done. That’s why we spend so much time carefully removing sections of a tree, often from the top down. We use rigging, braces, and equipment to help guide where a tree might fall or how to latch onto it to remove it safely.

Often this work takes coordination among multiple team members. Indentations, section removals, and branch removals are done to lessen the impact of a fallen tree, remove obstacles and allow for safer removal of the main tree trunk.

  1. We Focus on Safety First

Our primary goal in doing dangerous tree removal work is to eliminate any immediate danger to people, houses, cars, fences, pools and other items on a property. Once we are certain that people and property are safe, we focus on prompt, safe and complete removal of your tree.

Arbor Tech Tree Service specializes in big and dangerous tree removal work. We offer free estimates and fully licensed and insured professionals to ensure your trees are removed quickly and safely.