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Why Using Cranes is So Important for Tree Removal

Arbor Tech Tree Service Specializes in Dangerous Tree Removal

Removing fallen, damaged or threatening trees is a serious job that requires careful, precise coordination and skill. Often, cranes are used to make dangerous tree removal more efficient and safer. Whether it’s small or large tree removal, Prairieville LA residents trust Arbor Tech Tree Service for prompt and accurate service. Let’s take a closer look at one of the biggest tools used in tree removal.

Cranes have become increasingly popular for large tree removal jobs. Why? Here’s a look at some of the main reasons:

  • Flexibility. Cranes allow for arborists to access trees and locations that may otherwise require extra time and personnel. They are effective at removing debris from a take-down job to a chipper or haul truck.
  • Power. Cranes are large construction pieces and are built to handle heavy loads. Cranes operate using static lift – designed to lift large weights quickly – as opposed to dynamic lift, in which loads are dropped onto the crane or its hook.
  • Speed. A crew that has multiple sizes, shapes and configurations at its disposal can address complex job situations quickly. One size does not fit all, but with the right resources available, a trained crew can identify the right tool necessary and deploy it quickly.

Using cranes for dangerous tree removal requires careful training and planning. Here are a few of the steps a skilled crew will undertake when using a crane for tree removal in Prairieville, LA.

  • Placement. Typically, the evaluator will determine whether a crane is necessary and, if so, where it will be set up. The crane placement needs to factor in traffic impacts; any overhead utility lines; septic tanks, pools and other in-ground or underground hazards; and support equipment and materials required. Cranes need to operate on level surfaces that will support their weight, meaning the placement is critical for safety and efficacy.
  • Slings. The slings are wire loops used to hold weight in place and distribute load. Slings come in different compositions, including steel and hybrid fibers, and choosing the right one for a tree job can make a big difference.
  • Tie-in points. Climbers need to be hoisted and positioned properly in order to complete a tree removal job safely. Best practices allow for the crane to be used to elevate a worker, but only using proper protocols and only when another tie-in point (the tree to be removed, another tree or another crane, for example) is not feasible.
  • Communication. Tree removal is noisy, which is why removal crews need sound, well-developed communications systems in place. Add in the noise from a crane’s engine and this communication becomes more critical, especially with large tree wastes being removed and dangled in the air.

At Arbor Tech Tree Service, we specialize in large and dangerous tree removal jobs. Our teams are well trained and experienced in the use of heavy equipment such as cranes to make sure your removal job is done quickly, safely and affordably.