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5 Reasons to “Spring Clean” Your Property with Tree Trimming Service

Arbor Tech Tree Service Inc. Gets Your Property in Shape in No Time


Spring is an ideal time to give your property a close inspection and take care of those tasks that have lingered over the winter months. When it comes to caring for Baton Rouge, LA, commercial and residential properties, that spring cleaning should include a careful assessment of your trees and shrubs. With Arbor Tech Tree Service in Baton Rouge LA, we can take care of any damage done, spruce up the property, and provide the tree service you need, from tree trimming and tree removal to inspections and maintenance.

Here are 5 reasons to focus on your trees when it comes to spring cleaning.

  1. Removing Debris

Stormy and cooler weather can take its toll on your trees. Branches and leaves may have fallen. Removing them not only reduces any eyesores, but also gets rid of any obstacles on your property. Removing leaves and branches also allows for grasses, flowers and bushes to grow and thrive.

  1. Eliminating Safety Concerns

Winter weather can weaken trees or branches to the point you are unaware of any dangers. With a thorough tree service inspection, you’ll be able to pinpoint dead or diseased branches or whole trees and remove them before they become a hazard to property and people. Tree removal allows you to do something different with your landscaping and create a new vista.

  1. Promoting Tidiness 

Tree trimming is essential for maintaining proper shape and uniformity among trees and bushes. Trimming helps create the right visual sense to your canopy and keeps your property looking neat and tidy. Ideally, your trees should be trimmed one to two times annually.

Tree pruning is a more exact skill which carefully removes parts of a tree or shrub, such as a branch, bud or root. Pruning affects the way a tree grows and allows for healthier and stronger specimens.

  1. Crowning Achievements

You want the crowns of your Baton Rouge, LA, tree lines to be uniform and safe, not obstructing utility lines or your property. Spring is a great time to have one of Arbor Tech’s trained arborists to examine and assess your crowns. We can reduce crowns to shape further growth and to reduce the risk of damage in inclement weather.

  1. Healthy Growth

Trees need some TLC. Every year, your trees should be fertilized to provide them with the nutrients and support for strong growth of root systems and trunks. These services help promote longer lifespans for your trees and more protection in stormy weather.

At Arbor Tech, we care about trees. We’re here to provide springtime and year-round tree maintenance services. And if a tree needs to come down, whether in an emergency or not, rely on Arbor Tech for prompt take-downs that protect people and property.

We also provide tree mulching services, stump grinding and lightning protection systems. When it comes to the trees in your yard, we want you to enjoy their beauty and function.

If you are looking for tree trimming services in Baton Rouge LA, contact Arbor Tech Tree Service.