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4 Tips for Hiring a Trustworthy Tree


Service Port Allen LA


Arbor Tech Offers Reliable, Safety-First Tree


Trimming and Removal Services


The tree service Port Allen LA homeowners trust for reliable, safe trimming and removal is Arbor Tech Tree Service Inc. With years of experience, trained and licensed crews, and a commitment to customer service, we’re the tree service Port Allen LA residents count on. For tree removal and tree trimming services, Port Allen counts on our modern equipment, safety-conscious procedures and prompt response to clear fallen or dangerous trees and branches fast.

Here are four tips for hiring the trustworthy tree service Port Allen residents deserve.

  1. Check Licenses and Insurance

For tree removal or tree service Port Allen LA homeowners should make sure that their provider has the proper licenses and is covered by the right insurance policies. In Louisiana, the state Department of Agriculture & Forestry provides annual licenses for approved tree service companies. At Arbor Tech, we are licensed by the state as an arborist, utility arborist and landscape horticulturalist. We proudly provide copies of our state licenses on our website.

Louisiana also requires tree removal companies to carry worker’s compensation insurance to protect employees and customers in the very rare case of an accident on the job. Louisiana arborists also are expected to carry proof of liability insurance for personal and property damage.

  1. Ask About Best Practices

For tree trimming Port Allen LA residents need, there are certain practices that are industry standards. Beware of arborists who suggest “topping a tree” (dramatically cutting back on major limbs to reduce a tree’s size), “lion’s tailing” (stripping out most interior branches on a tree) or using climbing spikes when pruning a tree. These techniques can seriously damage or kill your tree. Dishonest tree workers may suggest these techniques save time and money, but in truth will require extensive restoration efforts to save your tree.

Also be wary of door-to-door solicitations and high-pressure sales tactics that pressure you to make a quick decision.

  1. Get Multiple Estimates

You should obtain at least three written estimates for non-emergency tree service work. You should ask for specifics about their experience in doing similar kinds of work on similar properties. Estimates should include license numbers, address and phone numbers. Never sign a blank contract. Arborists should provide references, who you should call. It’s a good idea to ask for references for work done more than a year ago, so you can ask about the long-term quality of the work and any follow-up that may have been needed.

  1. Pay When the Work is Done

You should never pay for work until you are 100 percent completely satisfied. Paying by credit card is preferred and provides you with additional protection in case of any problems.

For tree trimming, tree removal and tree service Port Allen LA residents have trusted Arbor Tech Tree Service since 1994. Caring for trees is our business and our passion. We love the majesty, beauty and serenity trees provide. We are committed to protecting the environment, keeping you and your property protected, and serving all your tree needs.


If you are looking for tree service Port Allen LA, contact Arbor Tech at (225) 753-8733