Tree Service Baton Rouge LA

tree service Baton Rouge LA
Tree Service Baton Rouge LA
November 1, 2016
tree removal services baton rouge La
Tree Removal Services Baton Rouge LA
January 6, 2017
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Tree Service Baton Rouge Louisiana

Excellent Tree Service Provided by Arbor Tech

Tree Service in Baton Rouge LA


Tree removal is a big and dangerous job. Unless you’re a professional, you should highly consider hiring a tree service company to do the manual labor for you. While it may not seem like a big endeavor, tree workers encounter a number of variables, which expose them to danger such as electrical cables and wires, extreme heights, possible wildfire, and more. Of course, there is never a sure way of knowing that you’re hiring a tree service company that is on the up and up. In order to ensure that you’re getting the most professional tree service company for the job, you should ask the following questions…

  1. Are They Licensed And Insured?

This is the most important question you should ask. Only work with a tree service company that is properly certified. Furthermore, you need to find out if they have insurance. The insurance is in place to make sure you are not held responsible, if in the event that injuries, damage or other accidents occur. At Arbor Tech Tree Service, we pride ourselves on employing ethical work practices. All of employees go through ongoing training for safety practices. Not only are we fully insured with workers’ compensation, but we also have two licenses through the Louisiana Department of Agriculture.

  1. What is the Scope of The Job?

Make sure the tree service company you use is able to provide you a detailed estimate, as well as information about how long the job should take. In addition to time and costs, you need to find out what sort of equipment they will be using on your property. You certainly don’t want big power equipment, trampling through your yard, ruining your flowerbeds. Be sure to inform them of sprinkler location. Take photos of your property beforehand. Arbor Tech Tree Service workers are extremely passionate about not only trees, but the environment. Therefore, we will do everything possible to ensure your beautiful landscape remains in tact.

  1. Can They Provide References?

Any professional tree removal company will have no problem providing references to potential clients. If you come across a company that has an issue with this, you should run in the other direction. Arbor Tech has been in the tree service business for over 20 years, and have built our business and reputation, by providing, dependable, affordable and convenient tree services. We value our customers and we make it a priority to provide high quality service that you can trust. We have serviced many satisfied customers throughout the years, and we are more than happy to provide references for your review.

Are you looking for tree trimming, tree removal or other tree services in Baton Rouge, LA? Then contact Arbor Tech Tree Service at (225) 753-8733, or email us at We’d love to give you a free estimate, and tell you how we can best meet your needs.