Tree Service Baton Rouge LA

tree removal Baton Rouge LA
Arbor Tech Provides Dangerous Tree Removal for Baton Rouge Residents
October 10, 2016
Tree Service Baton Rouge Louisiana
Tree Service Baton Rouge LA
December 5, 2016
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tree service Baton Rouge LA

tree service Baton Rouge LA

Avoid Dangerous Tree Fall by Hiring


Reputable Tree Service Company


Arbor Tech


Baton Rouge LA Residents Have a Clear Choice


When It Comes to Tree Service


Dangerous tree falls are an unfortunate fact of life in Baton Rouge LA. At Arbor Tech Tree Service Inc., we have years of experience providing emergency tree removal, along with a full range of tree service options, for area residents. When you need a trusted, reliable tree service company, look no further than our highly trained, always-available team at Arbor Tech.

Our tree removal specialists are ready to act when a tree falls on your property. In addition, with our ongoing tree maintenance services, we can spot potential problems and recommend solutions to avoid future damage to your property.

Safety Is Our Priority

While many people think of fallen trees as a byproduct of stormy, turbulent weather, often the reasons for a fallen limb is not readily apparent. Sometimes, rain and wind can weaken root systems and branches that can fall seemingly unprovoked. In addition, disease and age can fall trees unexpectedly without a weather event.

When it comes to a fallen tree or tree branches, keeping you, your family and your property safe is our top priority. Our approach includes a careful assessment of the fallen tree limbs and a recommended course of action that removes immediate dangers, lessens the chance of further damage and clears your property quickly.

Our teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency calls. We dispatch crews quickly to make sure your issues are remedied fast.

When our crews are dispatched, we follow a careful protocol. First, we inspect your property to get a clear idea of how a fallen tree is resting. We also determine whether communication or utility lines have been compromised, either completely fallen or damaged by falling trees. If necessary, we work in tandem with your utility company or local firefighting professionals to ensure safety for you, your family and our employees.

Next, we determine the right equipment necessary to do the job properly, using either hand tools or bucket trucks to remove trees section by section. When the trees are cleared, we remove all fallen branches and trunks from your property.

Prevention Matters

At Arbor Tech Tree Service, we provide a full range of tree services to be sure that we keep trees healthy. Using trimming and pruning techniques, we ensure healthy growth patterns, strong root systems and fertilization to keep trees thriving. Our skilled professionals can identify signs of disease that can help erase problems before they occur.

Working With Arbor Tech Tree Service

Since 1994, Baton Rouge LA residents have trusted Arbor Tech Tree Service for tree removal and other tree service needs. Our team has decades of experience working with a full fleet of service vehicles, equipment, tree types and emergency situations. Whether working with our tree climbers, estimators or consultants, you’ll find Arbor Tech is the tree service company that goes the extra mile to keep you and your property safe. If you are looking for a tree service company or tree removal company in Baton Rouge, contact Arbor Tech Tree Service today.